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  • “Prepare To Be Unprepared” Classic Beginners Course, 8 Thursday evenings (from July 25)  
  • “Prepare To Be Unprepared” Classic Beginners Course, 8 Tuesday evenings (from July 30) 
  • Following intake October 2024


Eight Thursday evenings from July 25 or eight Tuesday evenings from July 30, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, Elouera St, (just two blocks walk from Canberra City or Braddon).

Our classic course in improvisation for stage and life, that over 2000 Canberrans have enjoyed since 2005, constantly updated and reimagined to include new learnings from Impro ACT’s globetrotting Artistic Director (and your tutor). Most report this to be the brightest spot in their week, and a course that improves the way they live, work, and play, as well as perform. Full of laughter, genuine skills for stage and life, games and improvised scenes that build a healthy mind and a confident performer in all realms. Suits both first-timers, and those looking to revise or repeat.

Learn to relax and energise in any situation through active mindful observation, listening, verbal and physical communication games and exercises that anyone of any personality type can enjoy easily. You’ll find yourself fitting perfectly into this diverse, welcoming and positive environment, regardless of who you are, so if your goal is to realise that you’re good enough, socialise more, be comfortable in a job intervention, speak confidently at work, or just have heaps of fun, you’ve found us.

There’s never any pressure to perform and it’s not everyone’s goal, but if you are learning to improvise to improve your performing arts skills, you will do that so much more than your could realise, becoming more focused, more present and responsive to scene partners and audiences, a great storyteller, as well as way more authentic, comfortable, and likeable each time you hit the stage……, and at Impro ACT, you absolutely will get the chance to perform if you want to 🙂

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