with Laura Doorneweerd (Netherlands) & Gael Perry (France)

An international summer school (or individual workshops) of theatrical improvisation that is based less in words and more in body and mind, with Laura Doorneweerd (Netherlands) and Gael Perry (France).

Choose to take the whole course, or from four sessions, each with a different focus. Included, after the final Saturday session, is a free workshop showcase presentation for family and friends at 5:30pm. You can also attend a special performance by Laura and Gael in trio with Nick Byrne at Smiths Alternative Saturday Jan 12 at 9:30pm.


Here are the summer school workshop options;

Entire Course of four sessions $200
All of Tue & Wed & Thu only $135
Tue OR Wed OR Thu individually $50
Saturday only $85

‘Mind Riff’
Tuesday, Jan 8, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Laura & Gael, with Nick Byrne
This workshop is to establish a useful mindset that is relaxed, energised, and ready to perform. See Laura and Gael and Nick bounce-off each other’s mind games with their own responses, extensions, and new approaches, collected from their own work, globe-trotting experiences, and spontaneous inspiration.

‘Action Mime’
Wednesday, Jan 9, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Gael Perry
Action themed, space and object work. Finally, move beyond miming objects and actions, and feeling like you really should get some genuine skills in this department. France’s Gael Perry performs with the best in Europe, turning mime into improvised theatre that is a highlight of festival programs, wherever they go. Learn to use space, create believable objects and beautiful actions.

‘Enough Said’
Thursday, Jan 10, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Laura Doorneweerd
Words are overused in theatrical improvisation across the world, when so much more meaning can be conveyed in silence. Silent scenes do not always involve or require mime. A look, an emotion, an action, or just a pause. These elements are authentic and powerful. Amsterdam’s Laura Doorneweerd is an in-demand impro teacher and performer across continents.

‘Object of Affection’
Saturday, Jan 12, 11:00am-4:30pm
(Optional Showcase Presentation 5:30pm-6:15pm)
Laura Doorneweerd & Gael Perry
Learn to play objects with full life experiences. This is the workshop of the physical, emotional, character, and relationship skillsets that Laura & Gael use in their international hit show format, ‘Object of Affection’, performed across the globe, and most recently, at Canberra International Improv Festival. If you saw it, you know how beautiful it is. If you didn’t, ask around.
Work that helps you personify, not just mime objects, endowing them with character, and allowing them to interact with others.
If you need to leave at the workshop’s conclusion at 4:30pm, feel free, but invite friends, if you can, and perform in a special showcase presentation of the workshop results, at 5:30pm in the same Ainslie Arts Centre rooms.

** A special trio performance by Laura, Gael, & Nick Byrne will take place at Smiths Alternative, 9:30pm, Sat Jan 12, $10. Check back here for booking details, or just turn up :)

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