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IMPRO-INVENTION – format devising weekend

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 10:30am until SUNDAY JANUARY 21, 6:30pm (includes 5:30pm performance – you can choose to leave at 4:00pm and miss the performance, if you need to).

This is a weekend, where any improviser from anywhere, who has done at least one recognised improvisation-specific course, right up to the most advanced players, can come together, share skills in developing a new show format, and create a new show as a group.

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In past years, the resulting format has become a new show that has appeared in Improvention, later in the year. That is one intention of the weekend, but the show and/or its casting, would be included in the Festival, or not, at the discretion of the Improvention Artistic Director. Each year, so far, it’s been a “Yes”!

What we do know, is that we’ll do a performance at the end of the initial weekend, so you still get to be part of the resulting format, whatever happens :)

Mainly, though, we’ll learn a lot, get to know each other more, and get a good fix of improvisation, together, to interrupt the long, lonely Summer off-season.

*** Arrive Friday night, instead of Saturday morning, if you can, an we’ll arrange a get-together, or dinner, or outing of some kind, too.

Who’s in?

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