Impro Shows

“The Fixer” – theatre without Chris Pyne

April 7 & 8, The Street Theatre, 7:30pm

Created and directed by Nick Byrne

Pyne buzz copy 2Are you in a fix? Tell us and we’ll fix it, live on stage. We’re fixers!

Each night, seven actors will give seven different approaches to fixing seven problems, supplied by you. In Act II, see a play in which the actor of your choice assumes your problem and attempts to fix it within the narrative.

Based on the concept that we all argue our cases using a range of fallacies, actors each adopt one fallacy as their line of logic, and play them out in an hilarious replication of characters you’d recognize from your own circles.

Whether you’ll be out of your fix, or in deeper, by the end of the play, remains to be seen, but you’ll certainly leave with a smile on your face, and a new perception of how you or your friends typically try to be “The Fixer”.

Tickets:     $22 full, conc and 6+ $18