October 7, 11:30am-3:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, 80 Elouera Street

Half-day introduction to improvisation with Dene Kermond. If you’d just like a quick splash of spontaneity in your life, or you’d like to fast-taste impro, before joining our regular weekly course, Prepare To Be Unprepared (enrolling every quarter), why not try one of our popular Impro Tasters.

Led by professional actor and improviser, Dene Kermond, you’ll have a fun day of practical exercises and games, in warm learning environment, that introduce you to all the fundamental principles of improvised theatre. The skills can be used on stage or in everyday life, for confidence, communications and social skills.

If you like it, you might want to enrol in one of short courses, one-night-per-week, to qualify to participate in shows, or simply to have a bright, positive moment in every week.

Impro Tasters are held at Ainslie Arts Centre, two blocks from Canberra CBD.

• What to bring
Just yourself, but wear comfortable clothes that you can move in :)

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