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Special International Guest Workshops for improvisers who have completed at least one recognised short course 

Sebastien Roger de Nunez (France) two different workshops, June 3 and/or June 4

Sebastien ROgerSébastien has been improvising in France for over 10 years. He speaks over 10 languages and has been facilitating workshops in language learning and improvisation for more than 5 years. Recently arrived in Australia, he has already been hosting workshops in Brisbane and Melbourne. He’s also a filmmaker (his movie was recently selected at the Byron Bay Film Festival) and public speaker (his TED talk has reached over 100’000 views).

The three improv values that really matters to him are: commitment, listening, and meaningfulness.
JUNE 3, 12:00 – 3:00pm, Sebastien Roger de Nunez, city location to be advised

Improv In Tongues; The Art of Telling a Story in a Language You Don’t Know

How can you improvise in a language you don’t understand fully?

For most players, improvising is creating a story by talking. But what if you improvised in a language which is not your mother tongue? Or what if you’re playing with people who don’t understand you?

In this workshop, Sébastien will explore the unexploited benefits of not mastering the language in which you’re improvising.

You will learn:

  • -  How to tell story remaining silent or using just sounds
  • -  How to understand each other perfectly while talking in gibberish
  • -  How to exploit misunderstandings when improvising in foreign languagesThe workshop is designed for improvisers of any level of experience.

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JUNE 4, 12:00 – 3:00pm, Sebastien Roger de Nunez, city location to be advised

Foreign Characters in Improv: Explore the cliché, go beyond the cliché 

Improv in TonguesWhere’s the limit between caricature and accuracy when playing foreign characters?

It can be challenging, both technically and morally, to play a foreign character.
How to explore our knowledge of a culture without entering the cliché or hurting people’s feeling?

In this workshop, Sébastien will explore the main nationalities played in improv, and extend it to the least often seen ones. You will focus on your strengths and practice on the characters you’re less confident with.

We will also play with turning the clichés around.
Instead of a pasta-loving Italian and a Japanese judoka, why not having a Japanese seducer and an over- obedient Italian? Obviously, while still respecting accents, body language, and cultural references!

You will learn:

  • -  The main features of most and least often played foreigners
  • -  How to improve accent, body language and cultural knowledge on a specific nationality
  • -  How to break the clichés to obtain more contrasted charactersThe workshop is designed for improvisers of any level of experience.

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IMPRO WINTER TASTER – taste improvisation for one day only!

Sunday June 18, 11:30am-3:30pm, Gorman House Arts Centre, Canberra

for people new to improvisation, who would like to try it out, before they enrol in Prepare To Be Unprepared (our classic introductory short course), or just for the extreme fun of a single day of spontaneity.

Nick SmileConducted by Artistic Director of Impro ACT, Nick Byrne, you’ll be in safe, comfortable hands, as you learn the fundamentals of improvising for stage or life, picking-up truly useful skills, opening your mind, and laughing every minute of the way.

Nick is also the Artistic Director of Australia’s international festival of unscripted theatre, Improvention, and has taught or directed improvisation in Gothenburg, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Liverpool (UK), as well as throughout Australia.

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