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Friday, November 17, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

‘Take The Leap’ (for complete beginners) by Kathy Bakewell (AUS)  @ ‘Street 2′ The Street Theatre

This workshop is aimed at beginners. They will be taught what Kathy considers to be the essential fundamentals for scene work, with the goal of performing that night in an improvised show supported by some experienced players. The workshop takes Improvention’s desire to see our whole community have the opportunity to play with each other, whatever their level of experience, assisting beginners to ‘Take The Leap’ and become more confident in themselves, and to encourage the most experience players to reimagine the benefits of playing with those new to our craft.


‘Visons’ by Kaisa Kokko (Finland) @ Ainslie Arts Centre

Our feature guest from Finland, Kaisa Kokko, will perform ‘Visions’ on Saturday evening, a show format to explore the possibilities and threats of the near and further future, in a beautiful combination of physical movement, viewpoints, and tableaus. In this workshop, explore the skillsets required to achieve this result. Kaisa will select some workshop members to take part in the performance, though this is not mandatory. Kaisa has taught and performed across the improv globe, and brings a special joy and energy to all her work, that you will find utterly contagious.


Saturday, November 18, 10:00am – 1:00pm

‘EPIC’ by Nick Byrne (AUS) @ ‘Street 1′ The Street Theatre

After performing a scripted adaptation of Homer’s The Iliad, Improvention Director, Nick Byrne was inspired by the poetic language, grand themes and narratives, along with the metaphysical influences, to create a system of performance that is inspired by classical Greek theatre, and provide an opportunity for large numbers of improvisers to perform effectively together. Surprise yourself, leave with new ideas, and possibly be asked to perform in the MainStage performance, EPIC, on the same night, backed by the grand percussion of Gary France.


Saturday, November 18, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

‘Emotional Connection as Creative Impulse’ by Luke Rimmelzwaan @ Ainslie Arts Centre

The workshop helps to develop skills to create emotion connections with scene partners, and focuses on the relationship of the characters to create work rather than concepts or extrinsic obligations. It helps to remove barriers to playing truthfully. Luke Rimmelzwaan has been Artistic Director of Impro Mafia in Brisbane, but these days flits off to teach where he is invited, in exotic lands, such as Taiwan and Adelaide, where he has taught workshops in this area, before.


‘I’ve Got The Power’ by Victoria Bang (SWE) & Glenn Hall (AUS) @’Street 2′ The Street Theatre

This is a new workshop designed to give you the tools and techniques to show you that YOU HAVE THE POWER when your scene partner consistently:

*Ignores or blocks your ideas, making you feel inadequate/embarrassed/ashamed in order to make themselves look good/get laughs/win
*Controls the scene by endowing your characters and their circumstances to make them victims/impotent/powerless
Prioritises their fun at the expense of your fun

Victoria and Glenn will help you be your own spirit animal, by helping you take power over yourself, the situation and anyone killing your fun!


Sunday, November 19, 10:00am – 1:00pm

‘Voices of the Living. Voices of the Dead’ by Lliam Amor (AUS) @ Ainslie Arts Centre

This workshop helps actors to get into a character and stay in it. Even though the process of creating a character is interesting and beneficial for the actor, this method has performance as its goal. It will provide you with essential hints, encouragement, practical tools, and confidence to enable you to monologue to the best of your ability.
We’ll look at games and front loading as a source to generate stories and characters and not just laughter. We’ll explore freedom of thoughts onstage and create voices that soar – whether living or dead.

Lliam Amor is a Melbourne-based professional performer will extensive stage and screen credits, and of himself, one of the Melbourne impro scene’s most impressive characters.


‘Say No’ by Peter Nordstrand (SWE) @ ‘Street 1′ The Street Theatre

Say no. Disagree. Be vague. Ask questions. Try to be funny. Lead the follower. Introduce conflict. Take care of yourself first. Make it hard and complicated. Talk about characters who are not in the scene. You know the rules. Time to break them!

Peter Nordstrand is an actor and improvisor who has played, written, directed, translated, and produced performances since the 80:s. In his home town of Gothenburg, Sweden, Peter is the owner of Scenkonstakademin, that produces entertainment and offers high quality workshops with local and international teachers in Gothenburg. Peter is also the producing artistic director of Improfest Sweden.


Sunday, November 19, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

‘Play With the Impro LightboX’ by Franck Buzz (FRA) @ ‘Street 1′ The Street Theatre

Cofounder and artistic director of SUBITO Festival, main international impro festival in France, Franck BuzZ has been improvising since 1994. He enjoys playing free and organic improvisation and he likes to mix languages and cultural differences. As a former light designer, he created the innovative format « Impro LightboX » where lighting atmospheres are the starting point of each new scene. “Impro LightboX” won a jury’s Trophy at the Impronale Festival in Halle (Germany) in 2015 and will be played in 10 countries in 2017.


‘Magical Realism, Poetic Body, Reality Levels’ by Omar Galvan (ARG) @ Ainslie Arts Ctr

Omar Argentino Galvan shares his particular and evolving work always researching dramaturgy paths and performing resolutions not generally explored in improv. The poetic movement. The magic realism like an excuse and inspiration to learn and generate new shows. Ghosts, the not living character, the reelection of empty space, reality planes, imaginary object 2.0 and sound painting strokes. A key workshop to discover and understand a Latin American style of improvisation as a theatrical expression.


Monday, November 20, 2:30pm – 5:30pm

‘Improv Deconstructed’ by Jonathan Briden (NZ) @ ‘Street 2′ The Street Theatre

The workshop focuses on stripping improv back to its most fundamental parts and then mindfully layering them back together to form a cohesive whole. By isolating elements of improvisation into their purest, simplest form we gain insight into our own processes allowing us to build a stronger foundation for our scenework. It allows us to unburden ourselves from unnecessary effort. As an added bonus, we will grow an appreciation for how our work is seen by an audience and how the audience puts together the recipe from the ingredients we give them.

* The workshop will inform a performance that you may be offered a role in, on Tuesday evening (not compulsory)

Jonathan Briden has been studying improvisation, performing, teaching and directing for 30 years. Initially studying and performing at Christchurch’s Court Theatre in the late 80’s and early 90’s.


‘A Beautiful Mind’ by Victoria Bang (SWE) @ Ainslie Arts Centre

This workshop is for improvisers who want to explore their characterwork from the inside, and find new ways into be and discover characters where we start in your mindset.

We will work with a method of how you detect and see the world and how that effect your characters body, reactions and behaviour.This is an excellent method for you who play longform, and want to challenge your mind, or feel that you got stuck in the same kind of character playing. You have a beautiful mind. Let´s use it!


‘A Bodies Are Clowns and Poets’ by Pauline Calme (FRA) @ ‘Street 3′ The Street Theatre

Starting with a physical proposal and keeping it without saying a word is risky. We are wondering “What am I doing right now? What am I supposed to do next? Should I talk?”.
Thanks to the severals shows I did, I’m convinced that physical theater is powerful, even in narrative long form in which I perform. It is an essential tools which tenfold scenes possibilities.
When we tame the fear of saying nothing, when we start to use our body and be creative with it, we enter in a wonderful poetic world which gives rise to clowns, choral metaphors and dancing scenes.
In this workshop, I share what I have learned, what I like to play with and what I believe in as an improvisor. The Ira Seidenstein’s method and masks techniques will feed our work.
The workshop is filled with exercises allowing one to enter, step by step, in a more physical and creative way of playing.

Pauline is a classical actor, who has studied Stanislavsky and Strasberg in Paris, and is best known for musical and clowning approaches to improvisation – this in the 150 shows she has performed since 2011. Her long running Paris show, Smoking Sofa, is what first brought the attention of Improvention.


Tuesday, November 21, 2:30pm – 5:30pm

‘Audience As Scene Partner’ by Kaisa Kokko (FIN) @ ‘Street 2′ The Street Theatre

Why do we have an audience? What are our expectations? Can we construct wonderful, engaging, conflicting and diverse theater in co-operation with our audiences? This workshop is designed to help improvisers explore the wide field of contact we can have with our audience, the ways we can trust our audience more, and dig deeper into the meaning of having an audience. In the process we also find ways not to over explain things and thus give the audience the chance to be active storytellers in the process.

Kaisa Kokko is from Finland, but is a true globetrotter on the international teaching and directing circuit. She is interested in connection; between each other as humans, as improvisers on stage, and with our audiences.


‘Fragments of Humanity’ by Charlotte Gittins (UK) @ Ainslie Arts Centre

A workshop about using fragments of text, artworks and music to inspire character. The exact lessons are tailored to the experience level of the group, and is a fun way of encouraging you to experiment with different voices, physicality and non-verbal moments/scenes, and to discover characters you never imagined you could play.

Charlotte Gittins (UK) is a member of what many consider to be the world’s most acclaimed improvised Jane Austen troupe, ‘Austentatious’, and in recent years, has been invited to perform in other genres and period pieces throughout Europe, inspired by Scandinavian authors, and all sorts of incredibly arty influences that she wished didn’t sound so pretentious, and yet the Festival Director who wrote this part of the workshop description may have failed to do that. Charlotte’s not at all pretentious….., it’s just a word real artists use because they’re humble, right?

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