Advanced Classes

Improvisers who have completed the “Prepare to Be Unprepared” class or a similar course in another city can choose from a range of more advanced classes offered by Impro ACT.

In 2017, Impro ACT will proudly present a wide range of advanced classes. Full details of each class are provided below.

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“Improvising for Screen” - A collaboration between Impro ACT and CIT Bruce, over three evenings; Wednesdays March 22, April 26, and May 10, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Between 7:00pm and 8:00pm each night, learn improvised performance techniques for screen, in a fully equipped television studio, operated by CIT students and staff. Learn the language of screen work, as you interact with the people behind the camera.

Between 8:00pm and 9:00pm, your work is filmed, so you can see and keep the results. The course involves an agreement that CIT will be able to use the material generated for non-commercial purposes, though you will have the right to exclude work you do not wish to give that permission for. In return, you will receive copies of your work for your own use; e.g. reviewing your performance, promoting your activities, creating a showreel.

This is the start of what we hope will be an ongoing collaboration with CIT Bruce, and those enrolling will be in on the ground floor for future opportunities in the realm of film-making.

All sessions will be at CIT Bruce in the television studio.

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REGULAR INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED COURSES run for eight consecutive weeks for a total cost of $175

TERM 2 (coming soon)

TERM 1, 2017 


Thursday Feb 9 – Thursday Mar 30 (7:00pm-9:30pm, each Thursday)                       

“Game, Scene, and Match” – Develop and polish your short-form game/scene play, ready for Theatresports, Maestro, & More. Learn how to make these shows the most and fun and satisfying, by working as an ensemble, not a competitor. (with Various Impro ACT Tutors)

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HOW TO ENROL: This course is sold out. To ensure numbers do not exceed the maximum, we have removed the Paypal booking option. 


“Game, Scene, and Match” 

Ideal for those coming out of Prepare To Be Unprepared and looking to become ready and confident to perform, OR for those more experienced players looking to play in our upcoming Nth vs Sth Theatreports season, Maestro season, or Sink or Swim @ Digress, (all open to all levels of players, including the brand new).

We’ll work on gameplay – what really makes common games flow easily and fire, what new games are out there to learn, and what makes a good new game to create :)

We’ll work on scene work – if I only have a few minutes, how do I make sure my scene will be interesting and satisfying. What’s the difference between this and long form scene play?

We’ll work on feeling part of an ensemble, even when the audience thinks you’re in competition, and discover how to have the most fun possible, every time you play, rather than worrying about your performance or whether you might ‘win’ :)

Let your hair down and get back to the fun of impro to kick-off 2017, and go more in-depth another term!

See you in class!!