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* For students, who have completed Prepare To Be Unprepared, or another recognised impro-specific course.**This year’s programmed courses see the continuation of Impro ACT’s International School of Improvisation residency project, powered by GIFT (Global Improv Festival Theatre). The first quarter of 2020 features the return of Rahel Otsa (Estonia), in residence. For later terms, globetrotting Impro ACT Director, Nick Byrne, brings back the very latest ideas from his travels and students can look forward to new exciting guests, too. Improvisers who have completed the “Prepare to Be Unprepared” class or a similar course in another city can choose from a range of more advanced classes offered by Impro ACT – International School of Improvisation.

In 2020, Impro ACT will proudly present a wide range of advanced classes. Full details of each class are provided below.

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TERM 1, 2020

*”The Inventors” led by Rahel Otsa (Estonia), with support from Nick Byrne/guests  play games and scenes, and invent new ones!

*Still possible to join late… DATES: Mondays from February 10 – March 30, 7:00pm-9:30pm, (excludes Canberra Day in March) Ainslie Arts Centre  

Dr A Giant Panda

An inspiring course to extend your enjoyment and skills in short form games and scenes…., but with a twist. Not only will you learn new games and short scenes, as well as how to improve your performance of games, and scenes, you already know, but in this course, YOU and your fellow participants will have the chance to invent new games AND (if you choose) perform them in an exciting show, at the end of the course :)

Short form games were originally invented to solve performance problems. By giving a simple set of game rules to a performance, actors can distract their attention from more difficult worries, (like damaging self-judgement), and, at the same time, learn new skill sets and have fun. Inventing new games is a skill in itself, walking the line between great fun and complicating problems, even more. In this course, under expert guidance, you’ll learn how to make an elegant set of new rules that facilitate more play and stronger improvisation….., and you’ll have become an inventor of impro games!

At the end of the course, on a convenient date to be set in consultation with students, and for those students who choose to perform, a simple short form show will take place, to invite all your family and friends to. You’ll play known games, and they’ll see your brilliant new inventions, too! Fun times!


SOLD OUT SORRY “What Could Go Wrong?” led by Rahel Otsa (Estonia), with support from Nick Byrne/guests.  Learn the skills that make a long form improvisation narrative work, with a chance to learn (and perform, if you like), Rahel’s hit show format “What Else Could Go Wrong?”

Thursdays from February 13 – March 26, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre

Rahel Otsa (Estonia)

Rahel Otsa (Estonia)

How do we stay in the moment, yet create a brilliant long-form narrative, over an entire show? This is the course that will show you how, and in the most enjoyable way, imaginable.

Rahel Otsa, Artistic Director of TILT impro festival in Estonia, will share with you her hit show format, “What Else Could Go Wrong?”, which uses regular audience suggestions in the long form structure, to keep the story ever-changing, the viewers delighted, and keeps you in the present moment. You’ll even get the chance to perform it, at the end of the course, if you’d like to (not compulsory).

The format will be a template for learning long-form improvisation skills, that can be applied to any other show, and give you an insight into how show structures and audience interaction can assist your performance.

A great opportunity to work with an inernationally touring tutor, in her favourite techniques!

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ENROL HERE: *Please book only for The Inventors. (What Could Go Wrong is full)

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