Advanced Classes

Improvisers who have completed the “Prepare to Be Unprepared” class or a similar course in another city can choose from a range of more advanced classes offered by Impro ACT.

In 2018, Impro ACT will proudly present a wide range of advanced classes. Full details of each class are provided below.

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TERM 2, 2018

“What A Character!” with Dene Kermond

Tuesdays from May 15 – June 26, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, (2 blocks from city)

Dene Kermond

Dene Kermond

Stock characters are part of the toolkit for improvisers to put on at a moments notice. Dene will lead you through exercises to develop your own stock characters and apply them to scenes. Organically drawing on your own unique body and voice exploring clowning, commedia dell’arte, slapstick and acting, this is open to all students ( and those who have just completed Ira Seidenstein’s workshop will find this a great continuation).

Dene Kermond is of a dynasty of professional performers, who are now part of Australian folklore. Pictured here, playing the dog, in the Australian premiere production of “Heart of a Dog”, Dene is the ideal teacher to bring out the characters inside you, already waiting for their release.


“Impro Americano” with Rosanna Stevens and guest tutors

Wednesdays from May 9 – June 20, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre (2 blocks from city)

Rosanna Stevens

Rosanna Stevens

The astonishing success of improvisation in the United States is easily measured by the way its performers fill cast lists on Saturday Night Live, Third Rock From The Sun, and a multitude of hit shows, and across the Americas from Canada to Argentina, new schools of thought have influenced the world wide scene, no end.

This course includes Rosanna Stevens presenting methodologies from Chicago, (the city with the single greatest concentration of improvisers in the world), where she studied with Second City and the great Michael Gellman, and this year won the sought after Jason Chin Scholarship to study with famous troupe, The Maydays. Later, learn how influences differ over North and South, East and West, with snapshots of Impro Americano.

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