Advanced Classes

Improvisers who have completed the “Prepare to Be Unprepared” class or a similar course in another city can choose from a range of more advanced classes offered by Impro ACT.

In 2018, Impro ACT will proudly present a wide range of advanced classes. Full details of each class are provided below.

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** Note that Term 3 is already underway. If you’d like to discuss joining a Term 3 course, please email . Otherwise, Term 4 enrolments are now being accepted, below.

TERM 4, 2018

“Come Again” led by Ruth Pieloor, with Nick Byrne, and guests , 

Tuesdays from October 23 – December 11, (no class December 4), 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, Rm 1

Ruth Pieloor

Ruth Pieloor


“Come Again” is an Australian name for the improv game, often called “New Choice”, in which players change their offers to find a new way forward. This course will look at a range of ways we can use new choices or alternative replays in improvisation. This can be just for fun, but it can also be to examine serious material with new perspectives.

This course will draw on the work of the famous Brazilian theatre practitioner, Augusto Boal, who developed Image Theatre and Forum Theatre, as parts of his Theatre of the Oppressed, and used these techniques for political activism. We can use these techniques, again, today, for many purposes, including performances exploring the human condition with dramatisations of true stories, or to develop stronger physicality in our other improvisation work, or simply for the joy of discovering alternatives in scene work and game play.

Ruth Pieloor is an ACT-based professional theatre practitioner, who has taught for Impro ACT for many years.


“The Music In You” with Nick Byrne, and guest tutors

Wednesdays from October 24 – December 12, (no class Dec 5), 7:00pm-9:30pm, Ainslie Arts Centre, Rm 1

Improvision 1


One of our most popular return courses, this is for improvisers who either love music or who are afraid of it. Nick Byrne has spent years developing a system where anyone, no matter what their own perception of their talent, skills, or confidence, can learn to use music in their improvisation without fear, as well as with variety, joy and sophistication. Much more than just a singing class, you’ll also cover how to respond to music in regular scene work, how to move to music, and how to accompany, creating your own music with body, instruments, and found objects.

Nick Byrne is an internationally touring improvisation teacher/director/performer and show format creator. His format, ‘Crescendo’ has been produced four times in Australia and also Slovenia, and is widely regarded as an innovation in musical improvisation for the theatre.

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