Mission & Diversity Statement

Impro ACT strives to bring joy, personal development, and public confidence, to all students, regardless of gender, gender preference, religious creed, race, mental or physical health conditions, current level of theatrical experience, or any other factor.

We impose no code of conduct in this regard, but seek to engender an atmosphere and mindset that means respect and a belief in equality is a natural and obvious bi-product.
We choose to trust and assume the best in each other, but take seriously, any abuse of this trust, striking a balance between duty of care to the individual and duty of care to the group, and treating any case on its individual merits.

Performances are a shared ensemble experience, in which the well-being of our stage partners is of primary importance. We seek to further share warmth and generosity with our audience, and reflect our inclusive values in the shows we present.

If you have any questions or an issue to report, please write to us admin@impro.com.au