About Impro theatre ACT

Impro ACT is the premiere improvised theatre company in the Australian capital, Canberra. The company was formed in 2005 by current Artistic Directors; Nick Byrne and PJ Williams.

Impro ACT teaches and performs all types of improvised theatre from short improvised sketches to fully fledged unscripted theatre pieces such as a completely improvised drama or musical. Impro ACT is also officially licensed to teach and perform the worldwide sensation Theatresports™, created by impro guru Keith Johnstone.

All the necessary skills and knowledge needed to perform in any style of improvised theatre is available through the classes and workshops provided by Impro ACT. The company is committed to life-long learning and, accordingly, attracts interstate and international guests to Canberra for additional regular performances and workshop opportunities.

Impro ACT is the event organiser of Improvention. Improvention is Australia’s first ever convention and festival dedicated solely to the art of Improvisation, and in particular, Improvised Theatre. The convention includes presentations and forum discussions of Improvised Theatre as an art form as well as its wider applications as a tool to promote positive behaviours, improve communication skills and foster creativity. Improvention also presents nightly performances featuring the best improvisers from Australia and around the globe. All shows are open to the public and predominantly held at the Street Theatre.

In 2011, Impro ACT found a permanent home at Suite 301, 20 Allara St, Civic. This address hosts most Impro ACT classes, workshops and performance rehearsals. The Impro ACT HQ is also available for hire to other theatre and film groups for use as a rehearsal, meeting or audition space. Props and furniture are also available for hire from Impro ACT.

For further information about Impro ACT and any of our activities, please contact us on admin@impro.com.au or 1300 851 055.

For information on corporate/functions or hire, please contact admin@impro.com.au or 1300 851 055.

For information on impro for youth or school, please contact Nick Byrne at getgood@impro.com.au.